In The End Of Time

I’ll be here in the end of time,
Waiting for the thought of existence.
Me and you will be the only two,
As the earth burns and the stars disintegrate.
The universe will be perishing,
But our love so strong will be with held.
Holding me close to your chest,
Your heartbeat shakes the galaxy.
Skies fall around us in the fire red sky.
Your eyes burn bright with love.
This love so powerful shines in the black of nothing.
There is no more; I’ll love you till the end of time.
Absolute light getting sucked into the black hole.
We stand motionless and unmoved.
Forever our souls yearn for attachment,
With our love never weakening.
Just us two, nothing else.
We are left.
Love remains…

I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Stay

I can’t be with someone who doesn’t listen to what I think
Belittle my ideas Then question why I shrink
I feel small when I’m around you
No clues, no news, you knew
If you can’t help me grow
Then please stop the show
My mind is gold
Dreams unfold
This story untold
Your soul is cold
Water me like a dying rose
Watch me as I strike a pose
Shining pure incandescence
You already know success my essence
Don’t hurt because of your position
Go find your dreams and listen
Nothing lasts forever
I wish you luck on your endeavor
I’m sorry I couldn’t stay
And things couldn’t go your way
But I’m off to pursue what’s beautiful and right
And I won’t stop until I’ve reached an all time height

Forest of Life

Saplings spring from the earth.
From lively vegetation to the hot dusty deserts,
The trees and plants begin to grow.
Each one growing uniquely.
Producing huge forests of biodiversity.

Each tree, is each person.
This forest, just the forest of life.
As trees grow, we learn.
And each branch, an experience.
Each leaf, an emotion felt.
Every knick and dent, just a problem we faced.
A fruit or flower, an achievement.
In the end, leaves shed, leaving memories behind.
We are at the end of our lifetime.
The roots are our lasting mark.

Every root planted in the ground,
Our lifetime goals.
Sustained in the soil long after,
The world can see our accomplishments.

Embracing Now

I think one of the hardest things for me to wrap my mind around is the idea that time has no existence; time is a man made concept. Just as Einstein’s theory of relativity states that everything is relative to the person, so in turn there is no equivalent for everyone. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that considering time is only relative to your person, then we should embrace every moment right now.

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