Our Story

I’ll never know if I’ll ever love someone as much as I Loved You.
The way we opened to each other
Was like a never ending Story
Though it ended I still feel as if I can relive it each day.
I can jump through the pages,
Laying next to You
Late nights
Early mornings
Your fragrance
The room
The feeling
The crisp air
Sweet incandescence
Sun shining through the windows
It’s like I never left.
Embodying timeless emotions
Traveling back through seasons but always with You
I find myself ripping through all the feelings again.
The agony.
The heartbreak.
The pain.
The soul aching pain.
And then it comes.
The Contrast.
But oh the contrast
The deepest hues of all contrast
The love tearing back through me
Your lips
Your hands holding my face
And the tears come
Perched upon my lip
But you tell me you love me.
You say you’ll never love anyone the way you Love Me.
You embrace me for that moment.
And here the Universe opens up

We Are.

The sweet beauty of it all
Like we always were.
These endless moments

I love you

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