Dark Thoughts

Surmised in the bleakness of abyss,
A dark thought was born.
Putting my hardened soul amiss,
My heart was entirely torn.

Knocking at my door it was You,
Waiting for me to open.
But if only I could really choose,
I was left lost, hoping.

People wonder why I hide,
In a warn bed days away.
But outside was riptide,
Waiting to be swept away.

Everything is only a reminder,
Of what real darkness is.
If only the world were kinder,
There may be true bliss.

The darkness at my door awaits,
To snicker it’s sick lies.
Fill me with a somber hate,
Breaking all love’s ties.

If only you saw the dreariness of life,
You too would run and hide.
But in this endless game of strife,
Your thoughts always decide.

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