Hate in the Defense

We’re often pained by all these words
All the things that we have heard
As one thing is said
The next one’s spread
These marks we tread
Just go to the head

Out of woe we strike back
Planning our attack
We target what they lack
Until we hope, they crack
Now what? Search and destroy
These “tactics” we deploy
Centered around sorrow and hate
We push, pull, and discriminate

Adverting to their actions
We split like factions
Identifying their envy and pain
Defending ourselves in vain
In attempt for personal gain
When all it does is drain

Realize to be the change
Reactions that are not a chain
Hating haters is hating too
So really then, who are you?

Dreaming to Reality

I had a dream last night my mom was sober
Her face wasn’t sunken and sullen
There was authenticity in her smile
She sat next to me running her hands through my hair
Her was home.
It was safety and reassurance
I could lay forever into eternity in this moment
“Yes Love”
True endearment I felt it
“I love you.”
Then I woke up
I remembered it was just a dream

I could hear yelling outside the door
Sometimes we can’t shake the nightmare from our reality
We hide in our room hoping it would go away
We get lost in our thoughts and dreams
Escaping to far off lands in our heads
Writing stories of the could be’s and hope to be’s
Stories we prayed would become our reality

Sometimes we would run and run
Believing we could run and leave everything behind
That somewhere out there was a new beginning
A fresh start
A place where things were perfect
A place out of our stories
Then reality sets in
It’s a cold world out there
Like magnets to the problem we’re sucked back to that place
That place we call home
If only home was warm,
I’d gladly go

Sometimes our homes aren’t comforting or safe
Sometimes they’re cold and desolate
But somewhere out there, there’s many of us
Many of us who hate to be home and wish they could run forever
But remember, we are not alone
And one day we will create that perfect place for us
But for now we must be fighters
Stand up for ourselves
Pursue our dreams
Because those dreams are real
You just can’t let go of them
They’re all we have
And one day they will be our Reality

Reaction Over Action

Most of the time we are judging people based on their actions
When in reality we should be based on their reactions
Sometimes we forget that we are not all the same
That people are more than just what they claim
It is beyond just a name
It is fire burning flame
That resides in each person
Deep beneath every surface
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In The End Of Time

I’ll be here in the end of time,
Waiting for the thought of existence.
Me and you will be the only two,
As the earth burns and the stars disintegrate.
The universe will be perishing,
But our love so strong will be with held.
Holding me close to your chest,
Your heartbeat shakes the galaxy.
Skies fall around us in the fire red sky.
Your eyes burn bright with love.
This love so powerful shines in the black of nothing.
There is no more; I’ll love you till the end of time.
Absolute light getting sucked into the black hole.
We stand motionless and unmoved.
Forever our souls yearn for attachment,
With our love never weakening.
Just us two, nothing else.
We are left.
Love remains…