Hello !

So this is my very first blog post ever. I’d like to start out by introducing myself and giving a little insight as to what my future blog posts will include. My name is Kelsey Ketting, but I go by Kelsey Rose because Rose is my middle name. I am currently 20 years old going on 21 this November and I reside in Redondo Beach. I have a 3 year son named Elias Ray, but you can call him Eli. People call me a dreamer, but I like to think of myself of a pursuer. I initiate plans to make them a reality. I guess the technical term is an “entrepreneur.” The project I am currently working on I cannot talk about yet, however the second it is released I will be very excited to share it will all of you. Some of my favorite things are writing, traveling, going on adventures, and having fun. I love life and I love every person truly from the bottom of my heart. I think that every single soul on this planet is beautiful and magnificent. Continue reading