I used to be deeply saddened by the things I could not control.
Routine is my enemy.
The old and reused feel like endless cycles of misery in my head.
They said find the fun, look for the beautiful.
Well that’s just it.
The beautiful is the new.
At least for me.
Something I’ve never done something I’ve never seen.
I need new everyday and every second.
I want to inhale the world and exhale the ideas.
I used to feel ashamed
For craving the newest of all experiences
But I realized there was nothing wrong with yearning the unconventional
We desire what we desire to put out
I do not desire to put out the normal
The routine.
The everyday
I only desire to put what hasn’t been done.
What hasn’t been made.
And what hasn’t been experience.

I am a creator
A creator that creates the New