Reaction Over Action

Most of the time we are judging people based on their actions
When in reality we should be based on their reactions
Sometimes we forget that we are not all the same
That people are more than just what they claim
It is beyond just a name
It is fire burning flame
That resides in each person
Deep beneath every surface

Life has been made out to stereotypes and assumptions
We are engulfed in our own unfair presumptions.
We think the who what where and when
But do we ever think Why again?

Society has become you are what you consume
Because objects define a person is what they assume
Are people no more than the brands they own
Is an external image that makes a person to be known
Is success and knowledge defined by affluence
As if only money could have influence
But there was Gandhi and Mandela,
Even cartoons like Cinderella
That inspired everyday people to keep moving
And to never stop improving
With no money to their name
They made their way to fame
It was not just with their actions
But truly their reactions
The strongest are those that remain positive in bad situations
And those that never give up on dreams and aspirations.
Being poor in wealth does not mean poor in knowledge and ability
For they too can be rich in wisdom and capability.

Furthermore, people get judged based on where they are from
As if they were a bad person because they come from a slum
There have been those to rob steal and kill
Then people assume it was done for the thrill
We call them awful
Or even unlawful
Remotely do we consider mistakes
We try to ignore the stakes
We don’t consider why they are the way they are
That maybe actions resulted from that scar
Not just the one of their body, but on their heart
That maybe events effected them in a way that set the apart
Every scent sound and object draws up different emotions
Every little thing sets us into individual motions
Certain things bring up certain memories
Because we are people of different energies
We are are individuals
With very different principles
We have our own daily rituals
But we are all originals
We all live distinct lives
Filled with vivid drives
Beyond that, we are all wired differently
So every object and event has made us our own, incidentally

No longer should we be so quick to criticize
Instead we need to sympathize
That although that person has negative actions
Events and things have forever effected their reactions
So we say that people are wrong because they can change
But in actuality everyone is doing their best at their own range
We all work at our own level of understanding
So some things for the mind may be too demanding
Those who cannot understand something of a higher mindset
Are considerably the less fortunate and yet,
We shame and degrade
Those who need aid

We need to exemplify empathy
And understand a mind’s complexity
Remember their predispositions
their family traditions
their individual ambitions
And even their life conditions
Consider reasons for that action’s ignition
And most importantly, their personal cognition
Don’t submerge yourself in judgment and hate,
Because deep down that person could be great
Sometimes we all get a little lost in translation,
But truly we are all the Universe’s creation.
So instead of damnation,
Let’s start celebration
To be more understanding
Of a mindset expanding
For we should not be defined by our Actions,
But surely our Reactions.

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